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The Value of Art

In the art world, there are 7 elements used to compose a piece: line, shape, texture, form, space, color, and value. The term “value” describes how light or dark a color is.

But that’s just one of the many ways art has value.

From pillars in history, empowering emotions, to financial investments, art just might be the most valuable thing in the world.

Historical Value

In every history lesson of every major time period, art is one of the defining characteristics amongst the people, events, and culture. It’s one of the only elements that empowered humans to be reborn out of dark times and into the light.

Some of the most recognisable artwork came out of the Renaissance period, which literally translates as “rebirth".

Art was the moving power behind this transformation. It’s what inspired these monumental social, economic, and philosophical changes in history.

Emotional Value

The emotional value of art transcends space and time.

Art is a part of our everyday lives. It affects the evolution of our thoughts and tastebuds. It moves us to reflect, to smile, and to enter another dimension of awareness.

It’s always given us the power to express and understand ourselves, even though through someone else's work. It offers empathy and connection, strengthening us to know someone else could capture a feeling we thought we were alone in.

Because of this power, I create portrait paintings of strong, courageous, and independent female figures as a mirror you can reflect and recognise yourself in. A loving way to enable you to become more aware of your profound strengths.

Investment Value

We’ve seen artwork sell for unbelievable amounts of money, whether a portrait painting or an abstract sculpture.

This part of the art collecting world can sometimes be intimidating, even to those who are part of it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you find an art piece that speaks to you and you see yourself in one that gifts you the capacity to feel and understand what you didn’t before that value transfers to all the other values of art, including financial worth.

Collecting art is like putting together the puzzle pieces of your soul. It’s finding bits and pieces of yourself that can’t be expressed in words.

The best part is, collecting art is easier than you can imagine, and you don't need a big budget to start.

Create something that gains more and more value each day, as you admire it each morning while sipping your fresh cup of coffee.

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Apr 18, 2021

Fantastic blog ! Good job my friend .. the Art in the heart and the culture in the brain .

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