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Do Colors Affect How You Feel?

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso

Have you ever noticed that colors are associated with emotions?

A yellow smiley face. A blue tear. A red heart or angry face.

Colors and emotions have a fascinating connection. Specific colors can elicit specific emotions or memories. Even certain tones or levels of intensity can impact our mood, for better or worse. Many businesses even factor this in when crafting their brand colors and interior design.

In ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures, healers used “chromotherapy,” the practice of using certain light and colors to promote good health.

From passion to relaxation, here’s how a simple change of hue can change our point of view.

Warm Colors

Warm colors can quite literally warm up a room. Reds, oranges, and yellows remind us of the brightness and excitement of spring and summer. They’re often thought of as “happy colors.” They can uplift your mood, while also exuding strong and bold power.


Red is the boldest and hottest of the warm colors. It is often associated with love, passion, and romantics. On the other hand, it can portray feelings and stories of death, anger, or courage. Our eyes are drawn to red, so it works great as an accent in both portrait paintings and abstract paintings. It can energize a room while exuding courage and power.


Another warm color, orange energizes us in a softer and feminine way. It has the same attention-grabbing ability as red, but it can be a bit more inviting and less intense. It is a welcoming yet confident color to invite into your home.


Yellow shines a bright light of hope, energy, and happiness. It sparks youthful joy and can encourage creativity.

Cool Colors

Cool colors take us back to the crisp embrace of winter and fall. Think greens, blues, and purples. They can promote relaxation, calmness, or gloominess. Cool colors can also inspire creativity, good health, and professionalism.


Green’s impact has many depths, from health, nature, wealth, and growth. It is very balanced and easy on the eyes. It can help us feel at peace and in harmony with our surroundings.


Blue is a powerful tool in helping us feel relaxed, safe, and calm. Most people’s favorite color is blue, due to its reassuring effect and relation to the ocean and sky. It’s great to add to a room for a friendly and soothing effect.


Purple is a mark of royalty. It strikes our strings of creativity and spirituality. It can inspire us to imagine, think deeper, and tune in with our peaceful, more sensitive side.

Choosing Artwork that Inspires You in Your Home

When selecting pieces for your home, you want to be mindful of what emotions both the subject and the colors bring you. Our spaces are sacred, so we only want to collect art that speaks to us.

When mixing colors for my abstract paintings and portrait paintings, I aim to stir feelings that empower and uplift both you and your space.

Take some time to browse my paintings at

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Together we can do a lot by supporting each other!

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