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Starting an art collection can be intimidating at times and seem daunting, but with small tips, you can approach this world with a little more confidence.
And remember that the key factor is to love what you buy.
If you want my 8 tips click below.
Photo by Frank R

I wrote this short guide because the art world can sometimes be intimidating, even to those who are part of it.

But ART is part of our life, of our evolution of thought and taste, it helps us to reflect, to smile, to enter another dimension.


Even going back in history, it is the only factor that has helped the human being to be reborn during dark and difficult times. It has always given us the power to express and understand ourselves, even through someone else's work.


The 8 points that I have listed in the guide can give that little initial push that is needed to start a personal research and give life to a new art collection, where the starting point is your own taste.

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