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Harmony exists

when there is balance between

Order and Chaos



I deeply feel the desire and the need to transmit harmony and balance with my paintings.

Everything lives in perfect equilibrium, nothing makes sense without its opposite.

I'm Italian, and painting has been the pillar all my life, something I need like the air I breathe.

I have 3 children, I've lived in Italy, in Barcelona, in

Abu Dhabi and now I'm living happily in the UK.

I am obsessed with equilibrium. Inside the canvas, the cardboard, or whatever surface I am using, the search for harmony is fundamental. The balance between colors, order and chaos, light, and shadow.

Scan 12.jpeg

I started drawing female faces as a child.

I liked being alone and copying the faces I found in magazines.

I used to get lost for hours immersed in the shadows and chiaroscuro recreated by my pencil, as in a sort of self-taught meditation, where reality remained blurred in the background, and I dived into the certainty of my inner world.

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When I start a portrait, the first step is to choose the image.

It must resonate in me in some way.


I have to feel a bond that in the beginning is only an embryo. In the second phase I choose the technique to use and what type of cut it will have, how it will be balanced.

There must be an equilibrium, between full and empty.


The next step, after drawing the baselines, is the choice of colour. This is perhaps the most important part, because the colours and the various combinations are what will then give body to the work, make it physical, not just thought. The penultimate phase is realization. The work develops guided by my trait, but it begins to be independent. I understand that I have finished it when I feel that it is looking at me and that it is detaching itself.

The last step is to give it a name, and with the name a story.


Every Giclée Prints is made with the best paper chosen specifically to enhance the Art Work.


Hahnemühle German Etching paper with its weight and strong texture gives an artwork a handmade crafted feel.


Canson Aquarelle Rag is a highly textured white uncoated Giclée art paper that gives the artwork a lovely fine art reproduction feel.


Each Print comes with the document that certifies the artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print produced directly from the original.


This certificate and the accompanying Print are authenticated by the uniquely numbered matching holograms found on both items

I love to experience new creative paths in art and let myself be guided by sensation.

This leads me to live moments of deep frustration, lit up by an energizing joy when I find what I was unknowingly looking for.

Getting rid of the needless by bringing everything back to the essence and allowing only the balance of colours to speak for me

collage lines.jpg

When I was living in Abu Dhabi I used to go with family and friends to the desert on weekends.

It was probably in those moments that the idea of ​​painting the LINES series began to blossom.


I was fascinated by the sense of tranquility that the dunes made me feel. The simple and defined edges, never harsh, lines that gently followed one after the other and changed slowly aided by the wind.


In the desert, I experienced the sensation of absolute peace and harmony between human beings and Earth. A connection that led me to desire to reproduce it on canvas.

Getting rid of the needless by bringing everything back to the essence and allowing only the balance of colors to speak for me.


I now live in the UK. Here I found again those defined lines in the sweet hills that are lost on the horizon. Only the shades are different, which change with the seasons.




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